Your Safety, Our priority

Private jet safety is the cornerstone of luxurious air travel. When you embark on a private jet journey, you're selecting an experience meticulously crafted around your security and comfort.

At Privado, we go to great lengths to ensure your safety. We exclusively use private jet operators who have a proven track record of dispatch reliability. This means that the private jets we offer have a history of being available when you need them, with minimal delays or disruptions.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond aircraft selection. We choose operators who prioritize continuous training and adhere to the latest safety protocols. Your journey with Privado is not just about flying; it's about flying securely and with peace of mind.

In the world of private aviation, dispatch reliability is a crucial metric. It reflects an operator's dedication to maintaining their aircraft in optimal condition and consistently meeting stringent safety standards. We understand that private jet travel should be synonymous with safety and reliability.

ARGUS safety ratings are a hallmark of excellence in private jet travel. These rigorous evaluations ensure that our operators maintain impeccable safety standards, prioritizing your well-being above all else. When you choose us, you should have comfort in knowing you are hiring a secure and reliable private jet experience, backed by ARGUS safety ratings.

A word on dispatch reliability

Dispatch reliability is a pivotal safety metric in private jet travel. It reflects the percentage of flights that depart on time, free from unexpected delays or cancellations. At Privado, we place great emphasis on dispatch reliability because it signifies an operator's commitment to a secure and dependable journey.

A high dispatch reliability rate demonstrates an operator's dedication to maintaining their aircraft to the highest standards. This entails meticulous maintenance, rigorous safety checks, and compliance with industry regulations. When you choose Privado, you choose peace of mind, knowing that your private jet is consistently ready when you need it.

Our focus on dispatch reliability ensures that your journey is seamless and punctual. We prioritize your convenience and safety, making each flight a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction. With Privado, you're not just experiencing luxury; you're experiencing the assurance that comes with a trustworthy and dependable private jet partner.


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